Sommet de la Démographie en Hongrie: non ce n’est pas l’ONU, c’est Viktor Orban

Ce n’est pas la surpopulation du Tiers-Monde, mais la sous-population de l’Europe, qui réunit une certaine droite à Budapest

Pour ce 4e sommet de la Démographie de Budapest, c’est l’Europe du centre et de l’est qui expose ses valeurs, en net contraste avec la tendance à Bruxelles et en Europe occidentale. Initiée par les proches du président hongrois Viktor  Orban, ce sommet des militants, spécialistes et dirigeants de cette autre Europe sont venus nombreux, pour souligner le leitmotiv de ce sommet: la famille européenne pour une Europe forte. Ds ce sommet, la thèse du Grand REmplacement de la pop eurne par l’immigration africaine et islamique est universellement affirmée. 
La Hongrie a désormais une politique nataliste vigoureuse, avec 5% du PIB consacré à l’assistance familiale dans un but nataliste. Viktor Orban présente son pays comme l’exemple pour tte l’Europe. 
L’évènement du 23-24 septembre, la langue était le hongrois et l’anglais. 
Voici tiré de leur site Web,
“The first summit in 2015 has already indicated strongly that a country with a population of ten million people in Central Europe is ready to offer a clear alternative, a model to reverse demographic trends. In his speech at the 2015 event, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán defined the priorities clearly: the future lays in the hands of families.” 

Viktor Orban (les times codes de l’intervention du 23 septembre sont notés par Harold Tribune) God, family, country, those are Hungarian values. 
We have lost a very important ally in EU with Brexit.DJT was not able to continue.Mr V-P Mike Pence. we wish you a comebackThe news European goals, digitalization and greening, should not have us forget our hist.
Andrej Babis (premier ministre tchèque), please win, we cannot win without you.
11.50 man is a man, woman is a woman,Europe in which the future of Balkans will decide future of European security.
Convince Bxls that Balzans k is no longer a buffer zone for their benefit and their own security   11.51. Balks not to be a buffer zoneBalks must be integrated, w Serbia . Without it nothing lasting can be done.  
11.51 Demographics: is it a problem that population is in decline?Certain civilizations are able to reproduce, others no, Europe cannot. Some believe it is not a prob., productivity, robotics and AI etc, the technocratic Silicon valley solution.11.53 They wish to import masses of migrants, alien peoples who will stop demographic decline.But this is a way to move in a new proletariat, and moreover proletarians with a cultural difference. In Europe, where we have cultural nations, here migration is an identity issue, and a country only survives if citizenss are largely same values and tenets; if not, Europe will fall apart.
 11.54 Advent of new Marxists, the Woke mvt, already in Kindergaten they want to use children,  tell them them gender is free. Hungarians are inoculated agst Woke virus, we are protected agst cultural left because of 40 years of communism. 11.55 The State must do away w obstacles towards family. Five years ago Hungary identified its goals: children should be an advantage; housing; family policy is motherhood; make whole system responsive;  protect instution of family and children.
11.57 Women in economy has boosted growth, but behind them not enough children, it is discouraged to have children. Today having children is again an advantage. We must however be careful how we dole out money: distribute help, while maintaining growth. Not easy,5pc GDP for family.Women should not NEED to work for existential reasons.Hungary is only halfway on target. Without the new Hungarian family policy we would have had 10 000 less children within 10 years; and now we have 41pc decline in abortions. 12.00
Hungary is defending itself against Western left: they are relativizing notion of family, LGBT and Gender theory; Hungary is taking measures, constitutional ones, to defend against Western European politicians, media and Brussels.From Hungarian Constitution: family and nation. Protect instution of mariage. Hungarian identity and Christian culture. Hungary protects right of children to be the gender they were born in, within Christian culture. Parents must take care of children, children of parents in later years, father is man and mother is woman. 
We 12.03 have ratified these measures by referendum. In W Europe no one was consulted over LGBT and mass migration. Spiritual and …. joy to have children. Sacrifices to have children. Those w family understand the Gospel. Love your neighbors and thyself. We should be ourselves, we consider our lives to be worthy of continuing thru our children. 12.05Finally, the Pope also encouraged family policy, do not stop. We will lead our fight against Brussels. 

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