À la veille des discussions entre les Etats du Kosovo, Serbie, et l’UE, voici ce que pensaient l’Atlantic Council dans un briefing ouvert:

Amb. Cameron Munter
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Atlantic Council
Former US Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia
We need strategic ambiguity
We need grass roots solutions,going door to door in jumpy n’hoods.
Important for Kosovo Serbs totalk to national govt of Kos under auspices of US EMBASSY.
Mme Maja Piscevic
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Atlantic Council
Serbs in Northerj Kosovo want integration because alternative is MASS MIGRATION, they seek health care, education, human services, they fear abandon.
Veton Surroi
Journalist / WriteR
Former member of the Kosovo Assembly.
Serbian Orthodox Church has begun to create a sovereign issue, but it ought not be bec Serbia and Kosovo are secular states.
ASMM Assoc of Serbian Majority Municipalities is a problem for Albanian parties;
We need new rhetoric.
CONFLICT IN UKRAINE has renewed interest in Kossovo question, so let us look at problem geopolitically.
Ivan Vejvoda
Permanent Fellow
Institute for Human Sciences (IWM)
former advisor to Djindjic
Bxl agreement 2013
UN Resolution 1244 was used by Serbian realists, you can use Association Serbian Majority of Municipalities.
There are so many methods:
South Tyrol, Northern Ireland, Faeroe Islands.
Do we wish to be Kashmeer or Cyprus? To Join EU means bite the bullet, abandon what you thought was possible and accept reality on ground.
N Macedonian Prespa Deal between Tsipras and Bulgarian PM Zaev, they were visionaries despite being in minority in own country.
In Dec 2022 the Licence Plates crisis approached violence

Ambassador HILL

Serbia is dependant on EU, and investment from Germany, Italy, UK etc
Are there alternatives to EU? Yes, Albania in 1961!